Private Adult Lessons

Additional Information

The Drivers Advantage offers a service for adult drivers known as Private Lessons. To qualify for private lessons the student driver must have achieved a minimum of a Michigan Level One license (for students under 18 year of age) or have an adult learns permit (for adults 18 and older) know as a Michigan Temporary  Instruction permit. 

For more information on obtaining the learners permit we recommend you goto the Michigan Secretary of State web site. 


Please note that student drivers must have a current valid permit (teen or adult) in order to participate in private lessons. 

If your ready to get started please click the register button. Pre registration is free! We are only collecting your contact information. Once your training request is submitted we will contact you for scheduling. 

Training requests are handled in the order in which we receive them. Don't delay, register today! 

All private lesson driving sessions are scheduled by appointment only. 

For student drivers under the age of 18 years of age please note that private lessons are not an alternative to taking the Segment One and Two classes. Drivers under 18 are legally required to take Segment One and Two. 


Current rate- $90.00 per session purchased. Each driving session consists of two hours of training.