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We focus on Life Long Skills

The Drivers Advantage is a licensed, bonded, and insured driver education provider as required by Michigan State Law. Our instructors are licensed and certified biannually as required.  

The Drivers Advantage philosophy is centered on our commitment to safety. While most traditional driving schools focus on basic vehicle control skills and interpretation of traffic laws, our approach focuses on safe, life long driving skills. Our commitment to safety begins with our Drivers Education course, which incorporates critical skills such as hazard recognition and response, as well as risk management exercises that contribute to safe driving techniques. All behind the wheel training sessions include individual evaluations of each student’s performance and progress.


We believe that communication between student drivers and their parent(s) is a critical element to an effective training program. We encourage parents to stay actively involved and monitor how their son or daughter is developing their driving skills. Our instructors meet with parents and will recommended training exercises specific to the new drivers needs. All segment one students are provided a final drive evaluation in which 10 different areas of they're driving are scored. This evaluation will detail the new driver’s strengths as well as areas needing improvement. This is also an excellent tool to assist parents in preparing to “coach” their new driver.

Our commitment to teaching safe driving skills continues in our advanced courses. Our Traffic School seminar assesses each student’s “level of risk” on the road in a self-awareness workshop. Students go on to discover strategies to develop defensive driving habits such as: Safe Vehicle Operation, Space Management, Speed Management, Crash Awareness, Knowing Vehicle Dynamics, and New Traffic Laws.

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