• Think You’re a Good Driver?Take the Quiz!

    Think you’re a good driver? Most of us do. But many of us have developed some bad habits behind the wheel. And bad driving...

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  • Top 10 TipsFeatured Tip: Tire Pressure

    Tire failure frequently causes car crashes. Check your tires for adequate pressure, cracks, bulges & shallow treads before driving.  ...

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Teen Class Dates


    SEGMENT ONE  2013 Segment one  from 7pm-9pm Location: Belle Plaza (875 Sumpter Rd Belleville MI 48111) SEGMENT  2013 Segment two  from  7pm-9pm Location: Belle Plaza (875 Sumpter Rd Belleville MI 48111) Our tuition costs are all...

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  • Teen Drivers Education

    Our program for new drivers is designed to enhance the effectiveness of Michigan’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) process. The program consists of a Segment One and Segment Two course in accordance with Michigan’s GDL...

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